Aunt Lois and Banana Bread Babies

Lois Odle youthOur sense of smell can release memories to bombard our consciousness faster than any of our other four senses.  That is why banana bread is a must when bringing up Babies.   From the mashing of the five large bananas, to the addition of the butter, brown sugar and vanilla, heavenly odors fill the kitchen.  And then there is the baking.  Now, mind you, Aunt Lois’ recipe calls for shortening, but in the last iteration she sent to me, carefully folded and posted in a square envelope, she made the extra notation by the shortening requirement “but I use butter instead.”   There it is, use butter instead to make it more rich and more tasty.  That was a very important contribution to life from my Aunt Lois.  She made the life of all Babies within her reach richer and tastier.

No one ever loved her own (and other people’s) babies more than Aunt Lois.  She had a difficult time getting the first one here, and while she waited, she rescued the sweet and neglected girl across the street.  She clothed her, fed her and pointed her in the right direction.  Then, two baby girls blessed her life – born 13 years apart.  They were her life.  She was the consummate mother.  She took care of them and Uncle Ned – and took in more cast off children along the way.  When her sister died at a young age, she mothered her sister’s babies and they honor her to this day.

Her own mother died when she was very young and she did not receive the nurturing that baby girls deserve.  She received quite the opposite.  But rather than let anger and resentment twist her, she turned to love and poured it into the babies she encountered.   She set a high mark as a mother and homemaker for us.  I loved her very much.

Aunt Lois’ World’s Best Ever Banana Bread Recipe

Aunt Lois Banana Bread Recipe