Baby Boy has a Birthday











Here is a bit of a sing-song ditty written for my youngest son when he was in full toddler mode.  As my fourth child, and youngest son, he had the attention of a more mature mom who watched in wonder at all the things he could accomplish in one day.


Kolby Capers

A certain Shakespeare, wise and sage,

Claimed that “all the world’s a stage.”

But Kolby with a small red stool

Knows all the house to be his school.


Just give him pen in pudgy hand

And we’ll have drawings, great and grand.

Over cupboard, wall and chest;

A beaming smile – he’s done his best!


Now, art is through; it’s music time!

He’ll make a melody sublime.

Out come pot lids, spoon and pan,

Concerto swells – give him a hand!


Discover science all around.

Opportunities abound!

Can kittens fly when deftly thrown?

Can teeth be brushed with a comb?


With bowls of beans and wheat and rice,

A chemist, mixing potions – nice!

No matter that they were apart;

Together now, a soup they’ll start!


Now P.E. is important, too.

No trampoline?  The bed will do.

A climbing urge that just won’t stop

From oven door, to counter-top!


For Mom and Dad, four walls compose

A room to sit, to talk, repose.

But Kolby with his toddler yearning,

Finds this a place of higher learning!

Karen Walker, 1981