About this Blog

Welcome to The Fine Art of Babies.  As a mother,  nurse practitioner and developmental psychology-type, I am constantly amazed at the developing human.  Babyhood is where the action is.  At this point in life, I subscribe to the theory that they come to us 50% hard-wired with their “personality” but the other 50% is up for grabs through the influence of the people who care for them and the environment they live in.  Through this blog, I will be sharing observations, opinions and questions that arise from my near constant exposure to babies.

Babies, current and former, make the world go ’round.  Current babies, however, can’t communicate with great articulation to the world, generally speaking.  As a bearer and observer of many babies, I would like to offer some wisdom that babies have imparted to me along the way.  You know they speak to me – and I interpret.  They appreciate that.  I am a connoisseur of babies.

This blog was conceived in the fall of 2011, shortly before the death of my son, Todd.  I have composed some posts in the interim, but not published until now.  Time to grieve and reorganize is necessary before forward movement can occur with any consistency.  Trust me on this one – grief totally disorganizes a mind.

While there will be some time-progressing posts, many will be a backward look or summary of experiences.  A general theme of human development will run through this blog.  We start as a baby and then we develop.  The more one knows about babies, the more one knows about…. everything.

Question:  How did you know you were ready to start a blog?

Answer:  When I started thinking in essays.

Question:  Really – what is the purpose of your blog.

Answer:  Well, mostly to capture all of the pearls of wisdom (rather than pearl necklaces) I have collected and want to preserve for the benefit of my posterity.  As my dad says, “I’ve put the puzzle together already – so ask me.”








My hand is smaller than a dinosaur foot and here is the proof.

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