The Author

I was born in 1948.  That is a long time ago to a current baby.

My Baby History

I am a recent empty nester – having just launched the last girl-baby into the arms of her one true love (it was a lovely wedding).  You now are trying to do the math and figure out how someone born in 1948 has just launched the last child in 2013.  Yep, she was born when I was 44.  I have grandchildren and children the same age.  Here come the Mormon jokes.  I’ve been in the baby business for a very long time.

I have borne five children – and inherited three more and so I count for myself eight babies who have in turn had approximately 20 babies – and that is a lot.  I think there are more to come – grand-babies, that is.

I love being present when babies are born.  Babies are an excellent way to start people.  I had the privilege of working as a home-birth midwife and assisted several hundred of those little creatures’  entry into the world.   An exciting time was had by all.

I love babies that pass by.  We bond immediately.  They stare at me unflinchingly and I stare back.  That way they know that I know they are perfectly sentient beings and that every movement and nod has meaning. They are the best of the human best.  Every action, word and thought we have helps mold them.  They deserve the most exquisite care.

Baby-Related Loves

I love education.  So I went back to school and became a registered nurse and nurse practitioner.  I thought about going legit and becoming a nurse midwife, but then that meant I had to deliver babies in hospitals and I realized I was not good at that.  So I did the logical thing:  worked in emergency departments.  But, true to my baby-philia, I did my Master’s thesis on “Breastfeeding and the Latina Mother in San Joaquin County.”

I love more education.  So I went back to school for a Doctorate of Education majoring in Educational Psychology with a concentration in developmental psychology.  My current career incarnation is as a professor at a local community college teaching child and lifespan development. In the past I have taught Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Nursing.

I love writing – moderately.  I love ellipsis…  I love capitalizing nouns (German is my second language) – it is cellular memory.

I love music.  So I try to make certain that babies in my sphere of influence have music in their lives.

I love women and the strength they bring to the tasks available to them – mainly their influence on the next generation of babies.

I love strong men who aren’t afraid to demonstrate gentle behaviors with women and babies.

I love families and see that they are the core of a civilized society.  I especially love my family – all of them.

I love my church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I have a church family full of church babies that sustains me in all things and assists my journey to follow Jesus Christ.

I love the first and great commandment – that we should love God with all our heart, followed by the second great commandment that we love our neighbor as our self.

That about covers it.


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